Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  (From the Bible, the Gospel of Matthew chapter 19 verse 26).

All these testimonies have been written by the people themselves and very occasionally edited for clarity with the agreement of the person (eg where indication of time elapsed is needed) .

Muscles healed and spirit lifted! (new)
I came to Hillsborough Healing Rooms after being ill on and off for 5 months with an injury to the muscles in my right hip.  To add to that, I had a very nasty tooth abscess.  (I had the tooth removed – fine now).
I was anointed with oil by the team who prayed for me and a couple of days later began to feel a lot more freedom in my hip muscles than I have for a long time.  The prayer has been more helpful than any exercises I have done or any physio I have had.  Also I felt very much lighter in my spirit than before, and I have felt the tangible peace of God.  I praise God for the healing which has come to me so far after prayer.   June 2019

Back healed 
I have had problems with my spine for 26 years.  It starts like an electric shock in my lower back followed by pain so bad that I can barely stand or walk.  Last Sunday this happened again, but instead of accepting it and giving in to pain, I prayed first for God to help; then I took authority upon myself to claim healing and freedom from pain. When I stood up, the pain had gone.  I walked all around the house praising Jesus and shouting thanks.  After coming back from church, I was trying to hold my dog back… And my back did the same as it did earlier, but worse.  Instead of worrying, I just sat still and proclaimed that God had already healed me once.  I sat for ten minutes and the pain disappeared again.  Healed twice in one day; thank you, Jesus.  Miracles happened not only thousands of years ago, they are still happening every day.  Thank you, God.   (From one of our team members)  June 2019

Knee healed
My right knee had been playing up for 4 or 5 days.  It kept twinging and suddenly giving way.  I had prayer at Hillsborough Healing Rooms.  The team praying for me affirmed me in God’s love and as His precious child; they commanded all pain to leave and spoke healing to my knee.  I had a couple of twinges the next day, but apart from that my knee is fine.  Thank you, Jesus!      October 2018

Things were bad and now they are not. Praise God!
I got diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when I was 13.  It has been an embarrassing 20 years of invasive tests, horrendous medications and the feeling that my body is sabotaging my life.
As a Christian who has always believed in and sees the power of prayer, this was not my first time of asking God to heal me. I have had a couple of times when I thought something had happened and I (stupidly) stopped medication, and inevitably got ill again a few months later.
I decided that if God was going to heal me of Crohn’s He would get to it when He was ready.
One day in 2017:   I was in Hillsborough for a chiropractor appointment.  I was booked in for another colonoscopy the following day.  Things had been really bad and my doctor had wanted to hospitalise me but I asked her to wait till after the test.
I felt strongly that I needed to go into Costa.  I really wasn’t thirsty and it was too close to payday to really justify it.  But I had time on my hands, so I went in anyway and bumped into my old school friend’s parents. I went to say hello and they explained that they were there as part of the Hillsborough Healing Rooms and would I like some prayer?
I never refuse ‘cos you never know when God might move so I said yes, not really expecting anything and having to watch the clock so I didn’t miss my appointment.
The prayer was very much my kind of prayer, not showy. We were in a coffee shop after all!  We just chatted with God and with each other. It was pleasant and I felt encouraged but I didn’t think much about it other than that I now had peace when before I had been anxious and fed up at the prospect of another flare up.
The next day at my hospital appointment I went through the usual routine of being prepared to be wheeled into the exam room.  The staff were their usual soothing selves but we all expected to see that I had a lot of inflammation in my colon.
Between the deep breaths and sucking on the gas and air (very liberally) I heard the doctor exclaim “Wow! everything looks so healthy, I really was not expecting to see this!”
I stopped sucking on the gas and air and asked what he meant. I was told that there was a small patch of inflammation but it was very small and contained to one area. There was nothing at all to explain why I had been so ill the week before and more than that, my colon had not looked this healthy in 20 years!
After the test my nurses repeated the good news. I hadn’t misheard.
A few months later:  Part of me didn’t want to share my testimony at first, because I wanted time to test the reality of it. That time has passed and now my doctors are working towards a medically approved reduction and change of medication. It will take a few months but I am following their instructions to reduce and change my medication to less intrusive ones.
I have not been feeling ill and run down the way I was before the prayer and even though there is still some more healing to be had, I know that things were bad and now they are not. Praise God.
I’m going to keep praying for my full healing but I am so thankful that a flare up got stopped in its tracks and my medical team are stumped! I keep explaining that I got prayer but they struggle to accept that God is healing me. In the meantime, I have been able to keep working, keep living and have so much more health and hope than I had before I met the Hillsborough Healing Rooms.    May 2018

Pain gone – completely!..
I felt very rough, in pain with my legs and left shoulder.  After prayer, I could feel heat – the Holy Spirit and Father healing me.  Thank you, Father, that you love me so much – the pain has gone completely!
February 2018

Severe allergic reaction – healed!..
In March this year I became aware that my eyes were red, swollen and sore to touch.  The eyelids turned inwards.  Over the next few weeks I started to feel ill: my cheeks were red and inflamed; then inside my mouth became sore, and I had hives on my body. My Doctor said I was having an allergic reaction to eye-drops I had been taking for a condition since September 2016.  He prescribed two more antibiotics.  I felt worse; really ill. For two weeks I could hardly walk and I was out of breath going upstairs. The Doctor said I was having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics.  I stopped taking them, but he said it could take 3 months for them to clear out of my system.
I asked Healing Rooms for an anointed prayer cloth, and I asked them to pray.  Within a month I felt better than ever in the previous six months.
The Doctor said that the eye-drops and antibiotics may have damaged my lungs and kidneys, so a blood test was done.  Lungs and kidneys were good.
Interestingly, I have not needed to use eye-drops since!  I am back to normal, leading a busy life, walking round Damflask reservoir once a week and running up stairs!   I know God has done a miracle for me.  Prayer does change things.  Thank you to all who prayed.                                   June  2017

Pain from shoulder injury gone!..
I injured my shoulder at a class and came for to HR for prayer.  After one of the ladies laid hands on me and prayed I felt comfort and ease returning to me.  That evening, the discomfort had subsided considerably, and by the next day had disappeared!  Praise God!              May 2017

Released from 30 years of pain from sciatica…
I had suffered from sciatica for 30 years and I received prayer at HR.  The pain was relieved practically straight away and I have not felt it again since that day.  Praise God!               April 2017

I would recommend Hillsborough Healing Rooms…
In my 20 years of being a Christian,  I  have seen many people pray for healing and have participated myself.  In my humble opinion, the team at Hillsborough are really helping me with spot-on prayers that are in accordance with Biblical teaching.  I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.  I would recommend anyone seeking healing to go there for prayer.  A wonderful team of loving, caring Christians.                   March 2017

After prayer at HR had a fabulous experience..
I came for healing of my confidence.  I had a fabulous experience later that week from the Holy Spirit – telling me that everything is exactly as it should be.  I forgave my (deceased) Dad. I hadn’t even realised this was issue but it came to me as clear as day.  This testimony does not do justice to the revelations from God I have had.          December 2016

Great Pain…Prayer helps find cure!
After suffering great pain with no sign of a cure I attended healing Rooms at Hillsborough.  After two visits there, the cure was found and I am now free of pain and leading a normal life.  Thank you God!       November 2016

I live too far away to see my son – now I can!
I have been to Healing Rooms a few times, including Costa Coffee HR.  I was worried about not being able to see my son. I have had my prayers answered: my son has been to see me twice, and is coming again on 23rd July.  Good news – I am able to move house to Thorne to be near him.  Thank you to the Lord!     July 2016

Shoulder pain healed
I went into the healing rooms at Costa Coffee in Hillsborough last Wednesday for prayer for shoulder pain.  That was on 15th of June.  Having been greeted by Grace and Suzanne I was prayed for by two other believers and the pain and tension vanished during the prayer.  I can now travel on buses without shoulder pain and play guitar. I pray in Jesus Name for your ministry and thank you for prayer in his Name which certainly healed.
June 2016

Neck Pain – gone
Whilst cutting the hedge I had a terrible pain in my neck – it was a trapped nerve.  I hardly slept at night.  After two days, I went to Healing Rooms and received prayer for the pain to go, and in the afternoon, praise the Lord! – it was gone, and never came back.  A miracle.
April 16

Pain eased after long-term arthritis
My right knee was very painful for more  than ten years.  Last year (2015) my doctor said I would have to have a knee replacement operation.  It was prayed for on several occasions in the year by the team at Hillsborough Healing Rooms.  In December, I asked my doctor to start the process of referral for surgery.  This began with an X-ray.  Two weeks later I got the result: the hospital said that there was no wear (no arthritis) on the knee.  The pain eased and I now no longer need an operation on it.  Praise God!
January 16

Operation a great success. The power of prayer!
Thank you all so much for your prayers and the prayer cloth which my husband took with him when he went to hospital for the removal of a benign tumour on his pituitary gland.   The operation has been a great success and more than we could have hoped for.  Not only was the tumour totally removed but his vision is much improved.  He is now able to drive again.
He had been warned of the hazards and side effects of the operation.  He did not experience them and has been amazingly well.
The aim of the medical team was to stop the deterioration of his sight and prevent him going blind.  They were genuinely surprised and pleased at the improvement in his sight.  What a bonus!  We thanked them and mentioned the power of prayer.
Thank you again, God bless you all.                November 2015

Damaged Knee Healed
Thank you very much for praying for my healing.  I had an accident around the first week of July and came for prayer for healing a week after my accident.  In August I had an MRI and was told by my GP that I would definitely need an operation based on the report from the MRI.  My ACL was completely torn through and the other outer ligament and cartilage was badly damaged as well.  Over the summer I continued to pray for my healing and last week I went to the consultant at the hospital who told me that my knee is completely healed.  There is a tiny bit of swelling left which should disappear completely as I use the knee more.  The consultant has said that my knee will be completely restored to pre-accident condition.  I praise God for this!
November 2015 (visited in July 2015)

Emotional and Physical Pain
I came today feeling that everything was against me both spiritually and physically. I have been suffering with “glue ear” and a viral infection along with my usual health problems.   Whilst waiting for prayer I could feel one ear clearing and that the congestion had lessened. During the prayer session I felt a warmth and peace.
Thank you to all and to my Lord Jesus.
November 2015

Long term knee pain reducing
I had prayer for healing of my left knee: for swelling and pain that kept recurring after an operation on it years ago.  The pain and swelling was reduced and is continuing to do so
August 2015

Emotional and Physical Pain
I came to the Healing Room today feeling very emotional, in pain and low in mood. I had a physical pain across my back and shoulders that felt like a heavy weight. After the prayer session my pain had gone and I felt that I had been filled with a bright light.
August 2015.

Emotionally low – now at peace
I felt emotionally very low. The power of God came upon me [in the Healing Rooms] and I felt a total inner peace about the situation for about a month! I am certainly more at peace now.
July 2015

Chest Pain eased
I had gone to the doctor with chest pains and was sent to the hospital.  After X-rays they found it was because of a worn artery.
But I came for prayer at the Healing Rooms. This calmed me and gave me peace. I felt ‘on air’!  After seeing the doctor again I just take one small tablet.
July 2015

Emotional hurt healed
I came to the Healing Rooms at Hillsborough feeling very down and depressed. The ladies prayed for me, and what I hadn’t realized was all the hurt I was suffering from my sisters. They knew this and prayed and the hurt went. Thank you!
June 2015

Eye healed
Today when I came for prayer at the Healing Rooms I had tenseness in my right eye as well as a hip problem; but during prayer I heard something pop out and the tenseness in my right eye is gone as I am writing this.
June 2015

Flesh-Eating Virus
My nephew (adult) had a flesh-eating virus which was destroying his leg. The doctors said they could not treat it and he would need his leg amputated.
We prayed for him at the Healing Rooms and sent a prayer cloth. The damage to his leg started to regress. The doctors changed their mind about the amputation. His leg is now 90% healed and he is walking normally once again!  Thank you, Jesus!
February, 2015

Nothing to worry about
I went to the doctors because of constant ache inside. The doctor examined me and said I think your womb is swollen. He booked me for an urgent scan. I had prayer at Healing Rooms. When I went the next week for the scan I was told the womb was really healthy and there was nothing to worry about.
February 2015

Comfort from prayer
Thank you for all your prayers (for 2 family members). They are a great comfort and help to myself and all my family.  God bless.
July 2014

Nausea and wretched feeling healed
I stumbled on Hillsborough Healing Rooms by surprise one Tuesday when I was feeling nauseous and wretched. I was prayed for and (rather to my surprise) I was relieved of my terrible nausea. The prayer helped and God worked.
July 2014 (signed in Nov 2015)

Wheezing cough and bad nights – gone
“I had prayer at the Healing Rooms (Hillsborough) for a wheeze and nasty cough which were keeping me awake at night. After the prayers, my wheeze stopped and I have had better sleep. Thank the Lord!”
June 2014

Arthritis pain – reduced
“Thank you Lord. The pains in my arthritic ankles were reduced enough so I could do a working holiday in the grounds of Lee Abbey.”
June 2014

Painful legs – eased
“I attended a session [of Healing Rooms at Hillsborough] suffering with painful legs – awaiting surgery.
The prayers relaxed me and I was able to walk a mile home.
I found the visit so rewarding. THANK YOU.”
March 2014

Artery problem – gone
“I was told by a cardiologist following a cardiograph that I had a narrowing of my artery and would need a stent inserted. I was sent for an angiogram to pinpoint where the stent would go. After the angiogram I was told that my arteries were clear with no narrowing and my heart was working excellently.”
March 2014

(Healing Rooms Hillsborough opened to the public in February 2014)

Serious neck problem – Gone!
“Whenever I looked up, oxygen to my brain was blocked for a second causing me to pass out. One of the team put their hand on my neck and they all prayed. ‘WOW!’ I said. I looked up and I was healed! Since then I have always been able to look up without passing out. Praise the Lord!”        July 2013 – during team training