What Happens at Healing Rooms?

When you arrive:
You will be welcomed by our receptionist and offered refreshments.
– You will be invited to write down your details and your prayer request on a simple form which will be passed to one of our prayer teams.

– The prayer team will pray over your request before inviting you in to pray for you.
Be assured that everything written and said is kept in confidence

Who can come?
– We can pray for people of any age.  However, those under eighteen years of age will need to have a parental signature; those under sixteen must have a parent/guardian to accompany them in the prayer room.

Receiving prayer:
You will be prayed for in private by a team of three people.
Don’t worry! – there is no pressure on you.  You remain quiet and are gently encouraged to receive the touch of your loving Heavenly Father and healing in the name of Jesus.
– The prayer session will last usually no more than about 15 minutes.

Then what happens?
– You may wish to stay and reflect or simply leave.  You can come back to receive more prayer as many times as you wish.
If you can, please come back and let us know – in confidence – how you are getting on.  If you are willing, we would love to share your story of healing (with no names attached) with other visitors and on our website.

Please note, we are not a replacement for professional medical advice, nor do we offer counselling. We would encourage you to continue taking prescribed medication until your doctor instructs otherwise.